Welcome to The Shop of Infinite Curiosities:


Candice Carnes is an Albuquerque mixed media artist. She has recently expanded her sculptures, miniatures, and mixed media projects to include more of the unusual. Along with her ongoing found art, some of her new additions include jewelry that she made from 150-200-year-old excavated doll parts.


…And jewelry/art she made from baby doll eyes!!!

Eyeball Astronaut


Along with her art she also has specialty retail items, vintage cameos and jewelry, handmade items by her family (yay for mom’s crochet)



……and antique stereoscopes (the worlds first 3D images and viewers from the 1800s).



Her work as an artist is influenced by early collections of the unusual. These private collections of art and specimens were some of the world’s first museums. Collectors of curiosities loved to travel, meet new people, and share ideas. They were inquisitive and they favored the strange and unusual as well as science and the arts. Her current collection, The Shop of Infinite Curiosities, seeks to capture the spirit of those early curiosity cabinets while embracing modern sentiments. The shop itself is an interactive art project. More than anything she strives to be inclusive of everyone. Her shop is LGTB friendly, multicultural, wheel chair accessible, and offers after hours for individuals or groups with special low-stimulation needs. We are a lighter, brighter, family-friendly version of Victorian-Style oddity shops.

The world of fantasy and imagination is the infinite world of the human spirit.

Welcome to The Shop of Infinite Curiosities!








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